Bon Voyage, HMS Damn The Torpedoes

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torps at the grace

The good ship Damn The Torpedoes is taking on water and heading for Davey Jones Locker. We’ve had a fair run with the wind in our sales and tight lines for 8 years , but with members spread far and wide over the seven seas (soon-to-be quite literally) they have decided to jump ship and give the band the old heave-ho.

In land-lubber speak, Rear Admiral Wally is shipping off OS and so we’re basically calling it a day. We may do the odd reunion show once in a blue moon, but the moon would have to be pretty darn blue.

But a good captain goes down with his ship and the band plays on, so we’re scraping off the barnacles and taking the old girl out for one more trip around the bay before she hits the dry dock. We’ve got a few cracker shows coming up as a farewell tour of sorts, playing at some of our favourite venues around town with a bunch of friends and good eggs.

Please come along and help bid the HMAS Torps bon voyage before she’s scuttled and sunk to the murky depths.

Pix from Indo tour

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Some pix from our tour through Indonesia with LEECHES! and The Shantoso

Some pic