III Review – Inpress

Review of III from Inpress mag

“It’s III as in the Roman numeral and has been scrawled on the CD, unevenly, in texta. This trio sound dangerous in a high voltage kinda way – think Electric Six – and take melodies and rhythms to thrillingly unexpected places. The frontman looks like Peter Phelps’s long-lost brother, so it’s a little hard to imagine him having trouble with the ladies. Disarray is a perfect sonic interpretation of its title with tricky time signature, relentless bass, on-point drums and yowling vocals – love it. Listening to III will make you wanna seek out this EP’s predecessors: II (geddit?) and their self-titled debut. It’s thoroughly recommended that you head to The Old Bar this Friday, when Damn The Torpedoes launch this EP with a little help from Brat Farrar, Sons Of Lee Marvin, Kids Of Zoo and Harvest Smoke. See you at the bar.