The Sounds of Studio Five Live (PBS FM comp)

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Everyone who subscribed to awesome Melbourne station PBS fm during their Radio Festival 2014 got to choose from one of two exclusive PBS compilation CDs – tracks you can’t download, can’t buy at records stores, and can’t find on Soundcloud.

PBS BY NIGHT is a compilation that reflects the harder edge of PBS content. From early garage music to gritty blues rock, from punk to post-rock and some epic guitar grooves, this CD will suit those who like their music loud.

1 Flamenco – Los Coronas
2 Pretty Little Girl – Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk
3 Teepee – The Murlocs
4 Centre Lies – Forces
5 Up To You – Udays Tiger
6 No Stereotype – Hugo Race Fatalists
7 Sensitive to the Cold – Harry Howard and the NDE
8 Mister Lester Moore – The Peep Tempel
9 Bad Skin – Hunx and His Punx
10 You’ve Got The Curse – Clowns
11 Down to the Wire – Damn the Torpedoes
12 Vaquero – Magic Mountain Band

Damn The Torpedoes / LEECHES! tour split

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Split tape released for our Indonesian tour. Our side is tracks taken from I, II, III & IV, Leeches side is their ‘ROTT’ EP and ‘Lords of Dullsville’ album.

The Sounds Of Our Cities (comp)

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The Sounds Of Our Cities is a weekly show on Tenpenny Radio, which showcases some of Australia’s best independent artists in the rock, punk and hardcore genres. Hosted by Alex & Swanney, the show airs on Sunday nights at 9pm (ACDT).

PBS Live-to-air

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Live-to-air recording on Fang It!, PBS FM


Damn The Torpedoes IVGet it

Damn The Torpedoes return from self-imposed exile to release their 4th EP and first 7″, ‘IV’. 4 brand new tracks full of melody and noise – this is ‘thinking mans punk rock’. Loud fast garage rocknroll swimming in sing/yell-along choruses, thundering rhythmns and guitar harmonies just barely clinging to the break-neck pace.

After spending most of 2013 moonlighting in other bands (La Bastard, Lake Palmer, Little Desert, et al), Wally Rankin, Leeroy French, Dick Straight and Ando Varone are ready to turn up and tune down. ‘IV’, the first Torps release to feature relative-newcomer Leeroy (ex-Screwtop Detonators/Harvest Smoke), was recorded in a day under the guidance of Jesse Booher (La Bastard) and Mat Robbins (Dandy Warhols) at Coloursound Studios.

The tracks bristle with ragged harmonies, barely controlled anger and twin-guitar interplay: ‘This City’ channels surf-rock through a broken Vox amp; ‘Lord Leisure’ struts around like Jagger with a black eye; ‘Beat Out The Lies’ answers its own rhetorical question “Does anybody want to?” by stabbing a guitar through the snare skin; and ‘It’s Not What You See It’s Who You Know’ dumps its girlfriend and hooks up with her sister.

Watch a clip of Damn The Torpedoes performing lead track “This City” live in rehearsal:


Damn The Torpedoes IIIGet it

The new EP (titled ‘III’ – see what they did there? Clever, huh) incorporates both sides of the Torpedoes’ coin – the sweet harmonies alongside the screaming, the hand-holding pop songs with the face-kicking punk rockers. This time they headed to A Secret Location to record with Paul Maybury (ex-Rocket Science). In 2 days they captured 7 tracks live to tape, overdubbing only vocals and tambourine.

While it’s uniformly rough and ready (as it should be), each song shines its own little light on a different part of the Torpedoes repertoire.  ‘Down To The Wire’ is an anxious rocknroll pumper; ‘Nice If You’d Let Me Know’ screams along at 100 MPH; ‘Disarray’ howls like a banshee; ‘Sea Shanty’ is a huge singalong wall of noise; ‘Could This Be Love’ picks fights and breaks hearts; ‘Gaps’ is love on a speed bender; ‘No Wiser’ is quieter (kinda), slower (sorta) and surly (definitely).

  1. Down To The Wire
  2. Nice If You’d Let Me Know
  3. Disarray
  4. Sea Shanty
  5. Could This Be Love
  6. Gaps
  7. No Wiser


EP IIGet it

The second EP (‘II’) is where the aggression started to seep in. While still incorporating the melodies and pop hooks of the earlier recording (such as on ‘Taking Hold’ and the Ando-sung ‘Dry Land’), there’s a menacing undercurrent to ‘Love Is Dead’ and a street-panther strut to ‘Sleight Of Hand’ that leave no doubt that Damn The Torpedoes aren’t fucking around. This EP was recorded in the same manner as the first, but with a bit of time spent at Dick’s Open Ear Studio, polishing it up a bit. There are also 2 rough-as-guts live bootleg tracks, showing Damn The Torps in their element (on stage and drunk).

  1. love is dead
  2. sea shanty
  3. sleight of hand
  4. taking hold
  5. dry land
  6. gaps (live)
  7. sea shanty (live)


EP1Get it

Damn The Torpedoes first self-titled EP, recorded in a rehearsal studio and Wally’s loungeroom, was 3 tracks of pure energetic pop punk rock, with a driving pace, sweet harmonies, and a nod of the head to surf and early 70’s punk. Although all the songs are about girl trouble (someone give Wally a hug), there’s an overriding sense of joy – it’s hard not to smile when the haphazard harmonies kick in on ‘Gonna Get You Girl’ and ‘Been In Love Before’.

  1. Gonna get you girl
  2. Hate to see you bleed
  3. Been in love before