EP IIGet it

The second EP (‘II’) is where the aggression started to seep in. While still incorporating the melodies and pop hooks of the earlier recording (such as on ‘Taking Hold’ and the Ando-sung ‘Dry Land’), there’s a menacing undercurrent to ‘Love Is Dead’ and a street-panther strut to ‘Sleight Of Hand’ that leave no doubt that Damn The Torpedoes aren’t fucking around. This EP was recorded in the same manner as the first, but with a bit of time spent at Dick’s Open Ear Studio, polishing it up a bit. There are also 2 rough-as-guts live bootleg tracks, showing Damn The Torps in their element (on stage and drunk).

  1. love is dead
  2. sea shanty
  3. sleight of hand
  4. taking hold
  5. dry land
  6. gaps (live)
  7. sea shanty (live)