Damn The Torpedoes IIIGet it

The new EP (titled ‘III’ – see what they did there? Clever, huh) incorporates both sides of the Torpedoes’ coin – the sweet harmonies alongside the screaming, the hand-holding pop songs with the face-kicking punk rockers. This time they headed to A Secret Location to record with Paul Maybury (ex-Rocket Science). In 2 days they captured 7 tracks live to tape, overdubbing only vocals and tambourine.

While it’s uniformly rough and ready (as it should be), each song shines its own little light on a different part of the Torpedoes repertoire.  ‘Down To The Wire’ is an anxious rocknroll pumper; ‘Nice If You’d Let Me Know’ screams along at 100 MPH; ‘Disarray’ howls like a banshee; ‘Sea Shanty’ is a huge singalong wall of noise; ‘Could This Be Love’ picks fights and breaks hearts; ‘Gaps’ is love on a speed bender; ‘No Wiser’ is quieter (kinda), slower (sorta) and surly (definitely).

  1. Down To The Wire
  2. Nice If You’d Let Me Know
  3. Disarray
  4. Sea Shanty
  5. Could This Be Love
  6. Gaps
  7. No Wiser