The Sounds of Studio Five Live (PBS FM comp)

PBS five 2014 live CD cover - nightGet it

Everyone who subscribed to awesome Melbourne station PBS fm during their Radio Festival 2014 got to choose from one of two exclusive PBS compilation CDs – tracks you can’t download, can’t buy at records stores, and can’t find on Soundcloud.

PBS BY NIGHT is a compilation that reflects the harder edge of PBS content. From early garage music to gritty blues rock, from punk to post-rock and some epic guitar grooves, this CD will suit those who like their music loud.

1 Flamenco – Los Coronas
2 Pretty Little Girl – Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk
3 Teepee – The Murlocs
4 Centre Lies – Forces
5 Up To You – Udays Tiger
6 No Stereotype – Hugo Race Fatalists
7 Sensitive to the Cold – Harry Howard and the NDE
8 Mister Lester Moore – The Peep Tempel
9 Bad Skin – Hunx and His Punx
10 You’ve Got The Curse – Clowns
11 Down to the Wire – Damn the Torpedoes
12 Vaquero – Magic Mountain Band