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Live review

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Just found a mini review of our ‘III’ launch over at julianwulifeproject.blogspot.com.au.

Damn The Torpedoes, The Old Bar, 12/8/2011
Damn The Torpedoes are launching their EP, and their sound is that of teenage dreams coming alive: playing in a rock band in Melbourne. The lead singer desperately wails into the mic, this smells like screamy boys rock to me. But their banter is funny, and their set includes some colourful characters like the “Maori Danzig” with his beautiful shiny long hair and a singer named Anna from the band La Bastard who tears it up on their last song: a cover of River Deep, Mountain High.

III Review – Bombshellzine.com

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Review of III from Bombshell Zine

“7 track EP from these Melbourne guys. Part rock, part punk, they have that dirty underground bar type sound. Not only do they make good tunes, they’ve got good folding skills, did you know you can make a decent CD case out of one A4 sheet of paper? It’s possible. Anyway, musically, it’s guitar heavy, bass rumbling, drums beating in all the right ways. Sounds just right to me. Highlight comes in the form of ‘Could This Be Love’ which has a bit more than a slight hint of The Bronx about it.”

III Review – Inpress

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Review of III from Inpress mag

“It’s III as in the Roman numeral and has been scrawled on the CD, unevenly, in texta. This trio sound dangerous in a high voltage kinda way – think Electric Six – and take melodies and rhythms to thrillingly unexpected places. The frontman looks like Peter Phelps’s long-lost brother, so it’s a little hard to imagine him having trouble with the ladies. Disarray is a perfect sonic interpretation of its title with tricky time signature, relentless bass, on-point drums and yowling vocals – love it. Listening to III will make you wanna seek out this EP’s predecessors: II (geddit?) and their self-titled debut. It’s thoroughly recommended that you head to The Old Bar this Friday, when Damn The Torpedoes launch this EP with a little help from Brat Farrar, Sons Of Lee Marvin, Kids Of Zoo and Harvest Smoke. See you at the bar.